11th LA Infantry Co. K

"Shreveport Rebels"
The Flag seen here is the POLK Battleflag .
So named because it is the one used by
Gen. Leonidas Polk during the early part of
the war, especially at Shiloh. It is based on
the shield of the Episcopal Church. The 11th La
was in Polk’s Corps at Shiloh when they saw
their most memorable action.

There is an even deeper connection between a unit from Shreveport and Gen. Polk. Polk was a graduate of West Point and a friend of Jefferson Davis. However he left the military to enter the ministry of the Episcopal Church. He became the Bishop of Louisiana and in fact conducted the first church service in what is now Shreveport. From that grew the first church in Shreveport, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. The current building of that Church has a large stained glass window of Leonidas Polk
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